Although District 11SR only requires a 2 seat PWC at minimum, it is highly recommended that PWCs being offered for use seats 3 people.

1. Download the ANSC 7008
2. Download the D11 Supplemental
3. Download the EPIRB registration
4. Have a qualified Vessel Examiner perform a Vessel Facility Inspection on your PWC & endorse forms 1 and 2.
5. Take photos of the sides and stern of your PWC.
6. Make copies of your vessel registration.
7. Think of a cool name for your PWC. Your PWC will be named "NO NAME" if you don't come up with a name.
8. Submit all of the above to the DIRAUX office:

Commander, Auxiliary (dpa-s)
1001 S. Seaside Avenue, Bldg. 34
San Pedro, CA 90731-7391

If any of the above are missing, it will delay the process. If you have any PWC facility questions, contact the facilities coordinator.
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